Ezoic Trailblazer: Try Out New Features Before Anyone Else!

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  14/12/2022

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The name Trailblazer describes perfectly what Ezoic is trying to do with this tool.

It allows you to join in on beta tests before they are released.

I always like to try out new things, and suggestions you give along the way might just make it into the final product!

What is Ezoic Trailblazer

Right now I’m testing out custom milestones. A way for a publisher. toset his or her own goals within the Ezoic dashboard.

this way you can keep track of your own personal goals, to get to a million pageview for example as I am trying to do.

Custom milestones in ezoic

Previous Beta tests I’ve participated in were:

  • Humix: A video sharing platform that allows you to monetize your video content across multiple sites
  • Flickify: A video creation too l that allows you to turn your blog posts into video
  • NicheIQ: An SEO platform where you can gather topic ideas and test your titles


Trailblazer is a great way to test out new features hat are about to be released so you can help shape the way these will be implemented.

Joost Nusselder is The Content Decoder, a content marketer, dad and loves trying out new tools en tactics. He's been working on a portfolio of niche sites since 2010. Now since 2016 he creates in-depth blog articles together with his team to help loyal readers earn from their own succesful sites.