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Blogging secrets

What’s in this secret email vault?

Let’s look at how you can improve and SIMPLIFY your niche site(s) and start transforming your side hustle into a blogging business!

I’m happy to share all of my templates and instructional videos with you, so you can use those in perfecting your own processes, whether you still do a lot yourself or you want to hand those over to your:

Feel free to share any of the templates and videos with your team or new hires so they also know exactly what to do to write and maintain amazing content.

I don’t have anything to sell here, I just want you to succeed, perhaps get your support for the Youtube channel, and maybe we can work together once you get to 1 million pageviews and above. That’s when decoding the secrets of your content can really lead to incredible growth.

“If you learn to analyze what’s missing you can unlock exponential growth for your content business”

So let’s dig in.

For you to get the most out of these tutorials and templates, I recommend signing up for at least a free trial account for these VITAL tools I use every day to run my blogging business:

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Use these to hire and inspire great content:

Post structures and writing guide

Writing guidelines & templates

I give my writers very specific instructions on writing different types of articles, including a writing style guide and blog post outline. You can grab these to use yourself or give them to your team to improve their writing INSTANTLY!

Hire writers on upwork

How to hire writers on Upwork

In this blog post, I cover exactly how I hire my writers on Upwork, from the VERY SPECIFIC tasks I give, to setting the right expectations, so you don’t overpay and get the highest chance of finding the right writer for your niche site.

How my team uses our tools

Use these videos and instructions to implement these tools the same way I do, or even have your team watch and hand off important tasks so you can focus more on growing your business.

Part of growing a team is allowing your great people to work independently.

Write blog posts with Jasper ai and SurferSEO

Write the most comprehensive blog post EVER with and SurferSEO

In this blog post, I cover how you can use and SurferSEO as they’re intended, as writing assistants for comprehensive blog posts that rank. You can also give this video to your team to show them how.

Write about topics not keywords

How to write about topics, not keywords, and become the authority

I use this video to instruct my team on how to use Answersocrates and KeywordCupid to find any and every question about a topic. I cluster these questions to assign them to writers so our sites will become the authority on that topic.

Interlinking webpages

The power of interlinking articles

In this video, I show you how to use Linkwhisper, one of my favorite tools for SEO, to quickly add internal links to your blog posts and create a true spiderweb of information for your readers and Google. Use the video to do it yourself, or show it to your editor or VA to start working on this. The #1 thing you can do to improve rankings!

Fix stock images

Fix boring stock images using only Canva

I use Canva for all of my blog images, but I was getting a bit tired of the stock image look my sites had, so I created this process for unique and interesting images while still only using stock photos. You can use this video to create them yourself, or show it to your VA or an image creator to create them for you in 3 easy steps.

One-time setups for skyrocketing your revenue

Ezoic display ads

Monetization with Ezoic Display Ads

I have all of my sites on the Ezoic platform, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve only tried Mediavine as an alternative so I can’t attest to them all but working with Ezoic and their account managers has skyrocketed my business and revenue. I love their free tools like LEAP site speed and the title tag tester. Couldn’t run my business without them!

Ezoic sitespeed accelerator

Improving your niche site speed

I devoted an entire article to improving your site speed, because it’s one of the best things you can do to improve the experience for your readers, plus it’s 100% free with the Ezoic Leap function that you get if you use display ads with them. This one-time setup benefits a fast-loading site and reduced hosting load forever.