Jasper.AI recipes commands tutorial to write FULL blogpost outlines

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  31/07/2022

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In this video tutorial, I’m sharing how our writers can use Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai) to quickly develop full blog post outlines for writing articles using awesome commands in boss mode.

I do think you need to do your research and writing when using these AI writers, but it does come up with some unique ideas and questions to use in your writing, and it makes the process with my team of writers A LOT faster.

Especially with the Jasper.ai SurferSEO integration.

Check Jasper.ai here

And sign up for SurferSEO here

Okay so today I want to look at the Jasper.ai writing assistant you can use to come up with some quick outlines for your blog article and some cool ideas you might otherwise not have thought of.

So i’ve got two recipes, and a recipe is like a set of rules that I’ve predefined for different types of blog posts and click on run.

This is my recipe for creating Q&A or Question and answer type blog posts:

>write a content brief about TOPIC

>write a few headline ideas about TOPIC

>write an AIDA blogpost introduction about TOPIC


>write a PAS blogpost introduction about TOPIC

>write a blog outline for a blog post titled TOPIC


>write h2 headlines for a blog post titled TOPIC

>make a list of reasons why TOPIC

>write your final thoughts on TOPIC

>Answer the question TOPIC summarizing the above

Just fill in your topic and these commands are good to go.

Another powerful thing of Jasper.ai is that you can use a few commands so you can tell it what it needs to do like:

  • write a content brief
  • write a few headlines

And the other powerful thing is that you can integrate it with Surferseo and that’s a tool that we use to check if we’ve got all of the important topics in there that other people are writing about that rank highly for these types of articles.

Today I want to write about “is high tide or low tide better for skim boarding”

So it’s really specific so the goal with this tool is to quickly come up with some h2 and h3 headings so you have the complete structure of your post and then you can go in and write the article.

First the subject of the post you can put it in the Title field, and then I also like to immediately put that everywhere when it says topic so you don’t have to go back in and copy and paste the title every time.

Title of the post your writing with jasper ai

I also like to go into the seo mode here, paste in the keyword and then create content editor and this will create a content editor just like it would in Surferseo itself.

Jasper ai SEO mode

It does take a little bit of time but that’s okay. What I like to do is then create this one and then immediately go back to the focus mode, which is where you can write the article.

Now the first line is to create like a content brief and normally, you would write a content brief for a writer to say okay you should write an article about this topic, and you should include this and this.

In this case you can write this content brief to put it in the content description brief right here and when using this you’re actually telling Jasper what it should write about.

To select a complete sentence I like to triple click on it, and then when you use command shift and enter it will execute that command you wrote, and it will start writing.

Jasper recipe commands tutorial

You can add that content brief to the Content description field so now Jasper.ai has a bit of a starting point to base the next of his ideas on.

The next thing I like to do is write a few headline ideas, and sometimes Jasper.ai comes up with some creative solutions to incorporate into the title.

The title for this article is already pretty long but sometimes you can use one of these as the title or maybe rewrite it a bit so in this case I just like to use the actual question that we’re trying to answer “is high tide or low tide better for skim boarding”

Now I make that an h1, that’s the title of the post, and then I can use this command to write a few aida blog post introductions.

Aida blog post intro in jasper ai

I like either AIDA or PAS as blog post introduction structures the most so after it’s written the first part of the Aida blog post introduction it stops here and it stops pretty quick because the output length is set to medium, and it writes a longer piece of text when you set it to longer.

Jasper ai content output length

I like to keep it on medium and if I want some more text in here then you can just use the “command + J” just to compose to have it write some more text.

So now we’ll continue with the aida blog post structure so I actually already like the first intro here so this might be one a good one to use and what I also like to do is write a PAS blog post introduction and again command + shift + enter and it will write that introduction.

Now when you’re using Jasper.ai in this way put three asterisks in here and that’s because it prevents Jasper.ai from seeing what’s above the asterisks, otherwise it will write based on what it can see above here and then it will use this introduction to write his PAS introduction.

Asterikses in Jasper ai

In this case I want him to come up with fresh ideas so preventing him from seeing what’s above here can help him come up with a completely new idea.

So now we’ve got two introductions, I like this first sentence already this intro might be good but it might be nonsense because jasper knows quite a bit but especially for very specific posts it can get confused sometimes, and maybe it confuses skim boarding with surfing.

Now it’ll give an answer that’s appropriate for surfing but not for skim boarding so we can leave it in it’s a pretty good intro but as we write the entire article we might find that it’s not at all accurate and we can remove this and write a specific part of the intro ourselves.

Now the other thing I like here is the Grammarly integration so it shows you which sentences don’t completely make sense so what I like to do is just get the title and the introduction out of the way and then go straight into the h2s and h3s as an outline for this article.

So the next thing is to write a blog outline for a blog post titled is high tide low tide better for skim boarding.

Now when you hit command + shift + enter it will try to come up with some topic ideas you can incorporate in this article to make it a complete answer to high tide or low tide.

This is exactly why I sometimes use the asterikses it’s only regurgitating what is already on top for the intro.

Guiding Jasper towards better answers

So when I delete this and maybe try some asterisks here you always have to enter three asterisks and then it can’t read what’s above there and maybe try it again to see if it comes up with an outline for a blog post.

Blog post outline with jasper ai

Okay so we have some usable things we can add so these are things we can look into as possible headings, of course when you do your research you might come up with some additional topics to use.

Let’s just take these and make them headings so we’ve got a few topics that we can write on already we also can try Jasper.ai to write some h2 headlines for this blog post.

Now again the broader topic is the easier it becomes for Jasper.ai to come up with some ideas for the blog post but it didn’t write any usable headlines for us.

Jasper ai headlines

So let’s just delete that and the next thing we can do is make a list of reasons why high tide would be better or why low tide would be better for skimboarding.

Make lists in Jasper ai

Okay so the next thing that i’d like to do is go to the Surferseo and see if there are some topics in there that we definitely should write about as well and we can incorporate them into our outline structure.

So you can see that it’s done now you can click on that. The first thing that we can look at is the outline right here you can have some questions here so what tide is best for skimboarding and you can actually copy this entire section and paste it into the article right here.

Jasper ai surferseo integration

The text generated over here is actually perfectly fine to use because surferSEO also has an ai writer that writes these texts so you can leave that in there.

Probably you want to upgrade this a bit but it’s a good building block for creating the outline of this of this article.

Can you skimboard without waves, so that’s maybe an outline: at low tide there won’t be many waves so we can copy this maybe put it here and make this an h3.

MAke h2s and h3s out of surferseo suggestions

Okay and we also have the headings section right over here which shows what headings other sites are using that are ranking for this topic.

What are the best conditions for skimboarding is also interesting. That’s a little bit broader maybe than than our topic but it’s still the conditions for high or low tide so you can mention other conditions as well I think and we could close with that with the best conditions.

So those are the headings we can use and then click back to guidelines maybe there are some topics in here that we can use as well and otherwise you can use this to improve the article after you’ve written it so you can make sure that some of these keywords are used in the article.

For example you could make sure the wave break is in there.

Surferseo keyword suggestions within Jasper ai

You can see now we have incorporated waves break and then our surface SEO score will go up.

We can go back to the focus mode now and we’ve got a bit of an outline for the article here.

Remove the asterisks and you can start writing your article.

One last thing that I want to show you here is the power mode.

One thing I like to use sometimes is “explain it to a child,” which is a way to make something pretty difficult to read easier to read and I like to output a sixth-grade level.

Hit generate ai content and this is especially good for if you find like some text on wikipedia about the topic you can use a bit of content from wikipedia and try explain it to a child to generate some ideas of how to make it simpler so this can help you rewrite some content and to make it more readable for a blog post reader quickly.

Jasper AI power mode explain it to a child rewrite

Some other cool things that are in here I like are the “feature to benefit” for example if an amazon product has a list of features you can enter those in and it will make like a benefit for the reader so what will the reader be able to use this product for instead of what the feature is.

So this can give you some ideas on how to write benefits which is always good in a review type post.

Jasper AI feature to benefit

I sometimes like to try engaging questions about a topic and an input like an audience this could be like for beginners or for experienced chefs this could generate ideas of additional things that you could answer.

So is high or low tide better for skimboarding, that’s a topic audience could be beginner skimboarders, I like a witty text and then click generate ai content.

It’ll try to come up with some engaging questions that you might be able to answer.

Jasper ai generate engaging questions

So most of these we already have in the article right here but how do you know when it’s the best time which tide is best for beginners well these are pretty amazing actually so the other two that this generated are not really that good it doesn’t help us out at all but this one has some interesting ideas.

Which tide is best for skimboarding and maybe the beginners one could be an h3 under that okay so you can see there are quite a few different things that you can play around with and get some interesting ideas and use them as an outline for your blog post.

Now you have things to write about with all of your h2s and h3s so writing and researching should go very smoothly after this.

After you’re done with writing the article go into seo mode make some last changes to make sure you’ve got your bases covered and you mention important pieces in this article like low tide, shallow water, there are tidal pools in there so these are things that you definitely need to mention but not all of these will be useful in a blog post like this.

Make sure google knows that we’ve got the most complete article on this topic so we should rank number one in the shortest amount of time.

So you can just exit that and will be saved here right in the document section so you can go back in and edit that of course.

I also have a recipe for a review type post you can also run this review post outline creator and I’ve incorporated some of the things that I like in a review post in there.

So again here you can write a content brief about let’s do best skim board bags.

So the title is best skimboard bags.

Create a content brief and put that into the Content description field.

Write a content brief for the ai writer

Then write a few headline ideas so we can use something like this and make that an h1.

Headline ideas with Jasper AI

And again we can use an aida blog post introduction and let it write a PAS introduction as well.

So you can see look if you can use one of these introductions it’s good to get that out of the way so you can start writing on the actual content.

I’ve put into brackets everything that isn’t the command so you should write those yourself after the introduction. This would be a short summary of the absolute best product that we recommend in bold with a link to that product.

Jasper ai review recipe guidelines

Then the table for the top recommended products and after that the buyer’s guide.

So in the buyer’s guide we can ask Jasper.ai to write like some important features of skimboard bags that might be useful to use in the buyer’s guide.

So this is something Jasper.ai can look into for you of course whatever you find during your own research of the topic then what you can write about after all of the reviews is a bit about how to use the best skimboard bags.

You can ask Jasper.ai to make a list of how people use skimboard bags and see what it can come up with.

So it has a few ideas you can hit compose and see if that has a few other ideas that you can write about and after you’ve written all of the content you can use this last one to write a blog post conclusion about the above so this will use all of the text that you already have in there to create a final conclusion.

Have jasper ai write a conclusion

Sometimes it has some pretty good angles or you can always write your own if it doesn’t come up with something good.

So this is how you use Jasper.ai in conjunction with Surferseo to come up with some good topics to talk about within a blog post article and I know if you start using this then you’ll get faster and faster with it and it can really help you and give you some interesting ideas to really make this the best article out there so you can start ranking on number one on google.

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