The top 10 Social Media Gurus in the Netherlands

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  12/05/2018

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Today, almost everyone shares events of their life on a social platform, which has grown exponentially in recent years. Today, social media is the easiest way to keep in touch and reach people. The latter is of course very important for retailers so that they can recruit more customers in their region or to maintain good customer contact.

Especially because they know that almost all customers can be found on a certain medium. It is also certainly important for the findability of their webshops to use good SEO. In recent years, many entrepreneurs have seen the advantage of this and have started to give advice in the field of social media. This is what we are going to talk about in this article, the so-called social media gurus. We will look at how they have achieved this status and how they help their customers to achieve better online visibility.

Jeanet Bathoorn from Get Social

The first online expert we’re going to cover is Jeanet Bathoorn, the owner of the company Get Social. She has been present on social media from day one and therefore has a lot of insight and knowledge about how the platforms work. She has written several books and gives trainings and lectures on the use of social media.

Jeroen Bertrams

The next guru is Jeroen Bertrams, an online marketer who advises large companies such as KLM and Randstad about the online marketing world. He has been active in the online world since 1998 and after seeing a financial site in the US, he extended this concept to the Netherlands, where this is still one of the largest financial sites. In addition to being a consultant, he is also the author of the book social media expert in a week.

Social media guru

Corinne Keijzer

Corinne Keijzer is a guru who didn’t get into social media from the start, but after losing her job due to the crisis in 2009. After getting rejected when applying for a job, she decided to start networking effectively on social media, and successfully. By perfectly combining offline with online, she has quickly built up a lot of knowledge and this has led to collaborations with large companies.

Today, she is a social media strategy consultant and writes many free tutorials.

Roos Fransen

We continue with the woman who has developed herself very well in the “social selling” area, which involves generating leads and making appointments via social media. LinkedIn is especially important here, because it is the most business platform.

She has worked for an IT company in Dublin and noted here how important this aspect is for business development. She then started a LinkedIn page on this topic and is now offering advice on how salespeople can use it to their advantage.

Marco Derksen from Marketingfacts

The fifth in our list of social media gurus is Marco Derksen, who with a lot of experience in the online world has certainly earned a place on this list. He used to have the online agency Upstream and was able to advise many beautiful customers with this. Later he decided to turn the bow and make a new one
network organisation, which has borne fruit. With his second company marketingfacts, which has huge visitor numbers, he wants to be a source of inspiration for everyone who is in the marketing world or is on the way there.

Marjolein from House of Social Media

Another expert who has had great success after her previous position is Marjolein from the House of Social Media company. In 2010, she was hired by a company to share her visions. The managers were so enthusiastic that at the end they asked if they could hire her. One thing led to another and since then her company has grown enormously and in recent years she has advised governments, schools and individuals on the optimal use of social media.

Alexander Klöpping of Blendle

If you’ve been on Twitter since 2007, it’s almost inevitable that you will become a social media guru later on. It happened to Alexander Klöpping, who was first best known for DWDD, but it stopped here because he thought it was strange that no attention was paid to the yet to be released iPad. From that moment on it went like a spear and he has been able to advise many companies.

His strengths are identifying new online trends and communicating this through his blog. He is also the co-founder of the new journalistic platform Blendle, which is off to a great start.

Steven van Belleghem from InSites

Steven van Belleghem is not actually one of the Dutch experts, but we still include him in this because his impact on the Dutch market is enormous. He was at the start of the successful InSites but still decided to choose his own path and this has been a good choice because he now has beautiful projects that suit him more.

He travels a lot and especially encourages companies to start the online conversation with the customer and thereby become what he calls a “conversation company”, about which he has also written two books. Fortunately, in addition to his busy life, he also has time to cheer on his favorite football club Bruges from the stands.

Roos van Vught from Social Embassy

Social media manager Roos van Vught gained her fame at Deloitte and put the company on the map internationally in the online field. Still, she was ready for a new challenge and joined Social Embassy to help clients like Dove turn the employees into “brand workers”. In addition to her work, she also maintains all her social networks and is the mother of four children.

Sebastian Kopp from YouOnline

Finally, we cover an emerging social media expert, Sebastian Kopp. He works for the internet agency JijOnline and can tell you everything about how to make the best use of social media. He provides advice on online strategies with passion and is involved in the latest developments in this field on a daily basis.

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