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Yes, you have successfully registered, the first email should already be sent to you. I can also highly, highly recommend the information from SEMrush.

They now have a 7 day free trial to try out all keyword and content marketing tools. Truly one of my favorite tools when I want to improve my websites.

SEMrush tutorials and courses

They have therefore made a huge investment in recent times to highlight every aspect enormously with webinars, tutorials and more helpful content and even a real training institute.

Keyword research with SEMrush

In this video you can see how SEMrush’s keyword engine works:


Content marketing with the SEMrush content marketing toolkit

In this video you can see everything about content marketing:

Adwords and ad analysis with SEMrush

Then an extensive video about everything that has to do with SEA:

And they have so much more in their own Academy.

So they don’t sit still when it comes to their own content marketing and positioning as more than just a tool.

If you are interested you can start a free trial here to test everything under the hood.